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*Sparkle & Spin: A Book About Words* by Ann & Paul Rand
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Little 1
Sparkle & Spin: A Book About Words
by Ann & Paul Rand
Ages 4-8 40 pages Chronicle Books July 2006 Hardcover    

Sparkle & Spin seeks to teach young children about the use of words to describe objects and convey emotions. The book does not have a traditional storyline, nor does it have an identifiable beginning, middle or end. Instead, it is merely a string of thoughts to explore the infinite ways words can help us communicate. Specifically, the authors explain that words may describe something you hear, something you see, the name of an object, or the name of person. disguises learning in a fun and quirky rhyme about different types of penguins all over the world (everywhere!). Color is used to make the distinction between the fact that some live in icy places (blue background) and some live in the heat (yellow background).

The authors also say that words can be used to describe how you feel (fine and dandy) or what you can do (jump and run). Along these same lines, words can be big (such as tintinnabulate) or small (such as a), and can fall into different categories such as those that sound just as they are pronounced (toot! toot!), or those that sound just like each other but have different meanings (pare and pair).

There is nothing particularly wrong with Sparkle & Spin, but there is also nothing particularly inviting about it. The illustrations match the text in that they serve their purpose but fail to leave a lasting impression. Young readers looking for a book about words should peruse their shelves for a book that truly shines, rather than settling for one that fails to sparkle.

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