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*Traveling Bear and the Search for Treasure* by Winning Kids Adventures
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Traveling Bear and the Search for Treasure
by Winning Kids Adventures
Grades PreK-2 18 pages Winning Kids Adventures 2007 Hardcover    

Traveling Bear enjoys spending time with his grandparents. One day, when Grandfather Bear begins to tell a story, Traveling Bear listens with great interest as Grandfather tells about a secret treasure. Grandfather and Grandmother Bear bring Traveling Bear along for the journey as they search for the secret treasure.

Along the way, they encounter dark caves, flying bats, and water to be crossed, but Traveling Bear is determined to find the treasure and overcomes these obstacles with determination and help from his family. The three bears finally come to the rock that holds the great sparkling treasure. Traveling Bear is able to know that he has succeeded in reaching his goal because he did not allow any circumstance to make him quit.

Once the bears get back home, all three revel in the feeling of having accomplished what they set out to do.

There is a song included at the end of the text. Parental guidance as to how to use the story to teach young readers is also included. An accompanying CD provides read-along capability as well as the music and lyrics for the song.

The “Winning Kids” series of 14 books is sure to be a favorite among the youngest readers. The pages are bright with color, and the characters are presented in a cartoon format sure to delight. If you have children from preschool through second grade, you will want to collect all 14 titles that teach valuable lessons while having fun. The series has two titles for each day of the week, so that teaching can continue through a 14-day cycle, with each day’s lesson building on the last.

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