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*Things  Everywhere: Shapes (Lotje Everywhere)* by Lizelot Versteeg
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Things Everywhere: Shapes (Lotje Everywhere)
by Lizelot Versteeg
Ages 3-6 32 pages Clavis September 2015 Hardcover    

This is a search-and-find book about shapes. There is a round clock to find on every page, and then shapes like an arc, a rectangle, a square, a triangle, a circle, a heart, an x, a rhombus, an oval, and a star.

Appearing alongside the shape, the child is asked to find is an object with the same outline. For example, an egg-shaped mirror is beside the blue oval, and a pair of crossed drumsticks are next to the X shape. The drumsticks are hidden among a page of toys. The mirror is mixed in with a page of bathroom-themed illustrations. This helps children notice the shapes in their surroundings.

The school page states,
I go to school. I like arts and crafts. Do you see the paintbrush? What else do you see? Do you see this ball? And do you see this circle? They are both the same shape. Can you find the ball in the classroom?
There are white backgrounds behind the collage of items, but the pages with the text are colored pale yellows, pinks, purples and blues. Each page has four items to find and one question to answer, “What else do you see?”

The illustrations are bright and colourful and not very detailed. Their simplicity almost reminds me of clip-art. The last two pages contain a summary of the ten shapes. The pictures are labeled, and the name of the shapes are in bold text.

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