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*Thumb Love* by Elise Primavera
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Thumb Love
by Elise Primavera
Ages 5-8 48 pages Robin Corey Books October 2010 Hardcover    

Thumb Love is a remarkably creative picture book which tells the story of a young girl named Lulu and her experience of giving up her thumb-sucking habit. Told with tongue-in-cheek humor, the story begins with Lulu speaking directly to the reader in a self-help meeting Ė asking four questions to help determine if you have a thumb-sucking problem.

We then begin ďA Thumb Suckerís Story.Ē Lulu and her thumb are very happy together - until her birthday party, when her grandmother suggests that she might just be a little old for that thumb. Lulu and thumb pay no attention and snuggle up with their favorite blanket to watch some TV. Everything is fine for a little while, except for the snickering of other children and her motherís comment about her thumb making her teeth stick out some day.

Ever devoted to her thumb, Lulu sleeps over with at her thumb-sucking cousinís house but finds that even her cousin has dropped the habit. Then the nightmare begins. Lulu dreams that her teeth are sticking out and she cannot talk properly. Finally, she reaches a decision point and invents program with steps to give up her thumb. Although amusing, her program is actually very realistic with persistence as its key to success.

Delightful ink and watercolor illustrations add to the humor, personifying Luluís thumb and evoking another layer of fun, sometimes even extending the story as well as the comedy. The character of Luluís thumb is especially cute as he interjects his feelings and personifies Luluís internal conflict. A wonderful read-aloud, Thumb Love gives the reader plenty of opportunities to use expression, model different voices and simply have fun reading.

Whatís best of all? Her 12 step program will actually work; an inspiration to anyone trying to break a bad habit! Visit an animated book review at

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