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*Santa Claus: The World's Number One Toy Expert* by Marla Frazee

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Santa Claus: The World's Number One Toy Expert
by Marla Frazee
Preschool-Kindergarten 40 pages Harcourt October 2005 Hardcover    

Talented and well-known author and illustrator Marla Frazee has released yet another fantastic children’s tale that may become a standard in houses across the globe during the Christmas holidays. Light, warm humor fills the 40-pages of Santa Claus – The World’s Number One Toy Expert. The book is sheathed in a protective cover with an image of Santa joyously trying out a pogo stick; underneath, the hardcover exterior is filled with images of beautifully wrapped gift boxes of all sizes, shapes and colors with a variety of ribbons and bows.

Santa Claus – The World’s Number One Toy Expert takes a realistic look into Santa’s work issues, including organization and fatigue. The author shows that no matter how frustrated or tired Santa may become, he maintains a high standard when it comes to personal performance – he never misses a deadline, is fully dedicated, and keeps a positive attitude.

Readers are greeted by bits of unexpected information and comedic images, such as Santa’s office coated in tiny post-it-notes and wall-to-ceiling stacks of tiny filing cabinets to organize all those notes into. Every bright, active illustration contains several large mugs of hot chocolate and Santa’s favorite snack – candy canes. Perhaps he needs the sugar and caffeine to manage it all!

Poor Santa must listen to all the children - to shy ones, the brave ones and the sullen ones. He even finds ways of communicating with those who are unable to meet him in person. Then he must organize all his information and consider everything over and over again until, exhausted, he sometimes falls asleep at his computer. Then, when he thinks he has it just right, he must test every toy to ensure it is fun to play with. From bounding on a trampoline to balancing on a unicycle, Santa tests them all. He even nurtures the cuddly toys to make them more endearing. Finally, Santa begins the chore of wrapping, and his wrapping room is something to see, with rolls of wrapping paper lining the entire wall.

When the season is over, and Santa’s work is done, he can feel confident that each child received just the right gift (99.9% of the time - nobody’s perfect!) As a final reward, Santa gleefully tiptoes up to his very own gift.

Marla Frazee is recognized for her work as an illustrator for numerous award-winning children’s books and posters. She is the gifted author of at least four other children’s books, including Roller Coaster and Walk On!. Frazee is an art instructor at a California college and teaches her students the craft of book illustration.

If you have time, check out the publisher’s website ( where coloring pages and stickers are offered for free to readers. Simply click on the links to print the pages out at home.

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