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*Tushes and Tails! (Nature Lift-the-Flap Books)* by Stephane Frattini
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Tushes and Tails! (Nature Lift-the-Flap Books)
by Stephane Frattini
Ages 3-6 18 pages Sterling August 2012 Hardcover    

The photographs in this book capture the cutest part of an animal: the tail and surrounding bum!

The closeups capture details such as the fine hair on a pig’s tail and the white furry heart on a deer’s behind. The background scenery in each photograph shows a little bit of the animal’s natural habitat.

These clue may help children identify the twenty-four animals in the book. Parents and educators can encourage children to guess which animal tail they are looking at before they lift the flap.

Appearing under the flap are front and side views of the animal and four to five sentences explaining the uses and appearance of the animal’s tail:
“Zoom! This speedy little ground squirrel darts around in the sand. When everything is quiet, it drags its tail on the ground. But when there is danger, the squirrel puffs out is tail and raises it in the air.”
The flaps, which are attached to sturdy, brightly colored pages, open from side to side instead of up or down. Although the tails that appear in this book may be cleaner than the ones children see in real life, they include a variety of colors, textures, and sizes.

Books like Tushes and Tails! get children excited about nonfiction.

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