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*A Very Special Snowflake* by Don Hoffman
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A Very Special Snowflake
by Don Hoffman
Ages 3-6 32 pages Cartwheel Books November 2008 Paperback    

Young children will delight in this simply written, beautifully illustrated story of two and their dog named Snowflake. Jeff and Veronica are playing in the snow one day and they lose their little sweet fluffy white puppy. They ask everyone they can find around town if they have seen their precious pup. Each person they ask thinks they are asking about the snow thatís falling or something they are working with rather than a little dog.

Each of the people they encounter and ask about their Snowflake has a different occupation, teaching children in a subtle way about the people in their community.

The story has a happy ending as they lie in the snow and a ball is suddenly pushed through the snow by a nose attached to a puppy, but there is one more thing little readers will enjoy. Snowflake is in each illustration as the children ask people about him. Because of the surroundings and all the snow, however, they canít really see Snowflake. Children will enjoy finding Snowflake in each of the well drawn illustrations just as they would in an I Spy-type find-it book.

I recommend this sweet story for young children as one that will be read over and over - they will want to find Snowflake again and again.

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