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*I Want My Tooth* by Tony Ross

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I Want My Tooth
by Tony Ross
Ages 3-5 28 pages Kane Miller August 2005 Paperback    

You cannot miss the teeth in this book! The Little Princess loves her teeth so much that she brushes them twice a day - everyday. She shows her teeth to everyone - the General, the Admiral, and even the King. They all praise her teeth.

The Little Princess is very protective of her teeth. She stares down the offer of candy, almost daring it to come closer. Despite being so meticulous with her teeth, the cook discovers a wobbly tooth in the Little Princessís mouth. After the initial shock wears off, the Little Princess learns to live with a wiggly tooth. Much to her surprise, her loose tooth soon disappears, leaving a gaping hole in her beautiful smile. Everyone in the palace goes in search of the badly missed tooth. It reappears in a very unexpected place.

The author shows the humor in losing a tooth. It doesnít have to be a scary experience. The Little Princess encourages children to look after their own teeth, to brush everyday and eat healthy food just as she does. And visiting the dentist wonít be so bad; the dentist is portrayed here as a helpful, gentle person.

The colorful, cheery illustrations are lively, not to mention funny and perfect for this story. The Little Princess has her stuffed animal perched on the edge of the bathroom sink, his legs dangling in the water. Toothpaste foam bubbles out of his mouth. Obviously the Little Princess thinks his teeth need special care, too. They even have matching toothbrushes. The Little Princess has abundant enthusiasm for her teeth that just pops off the page. She has a wide, toothy grin in almost every picture. All the characters in the book sympathize with the Little Princess when her tooth goes missing. Her family, the maid, her stuffed animal, and her pet cat mirror the feelings of the Little Princess.

This book is full of child-appeal. Fortunately, the author has written more Little Princess books. Even though the Little Princess is royalty, wearing a white gown and golden crown, children will see themselves in her.

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