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*Who's Hiding?* by Saturo Onishi
Who's Hiding?
by Saturo Onishi
Preschool-Grade 2 32 pages Kane/Miller March 2007 Hardcover    

Satoru Onishi has created a fun and educational children’s book that teaches children to identify a variety of animals and some fundamental characteristics of their behavior. Each page of Who's Hiding? includes simple and charming illustrations of eighteen different animals, such as a dog, hippo, rabbit, elephant, cat and sheep. The animals are lined up in three rows and five columns across each page, along with a question at the top which asks readers to study the animals and notice the differences among them.

At times, the question is merely “Who’s hiding?”, asking readers to identify which animal is missing some body parts - for example, eyes and antlers. Other questions posed include which animal is crying, which is angry, which has horns, who is backwards, and who is asleep. The last page includes just the eyes of the 18 animals peering forward, attempting to test the full scope of a child’s memory.

Who's Hiding? will likely bring your children hours of enjoyment as they eagerly study the animals to discover who’s hiding, what’s missing, and who is best at sorting it out.

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