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*The Worst Princess* by Anna Kemp
The Worst Princess
by Anna Kemp
Ages 3-7 32 pages Random House April 2014 Hardcover    

Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie (Dogs Don’t Do Ballet, Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes) have created the best “worst princess” ever. This is one of the funniest “non-princess-y” princess picture books out there!

Princess Sue has been growing her hair long, waiting for her prince to come. She’s impatient, though. “Someday,” she sighs, “my prince will come, but I wish he’d move his royal bum.” When her knight does arrive (wearing pink), she quickly kisses him so they can get on with their living happily ever after.

This princess is not a perfect peach or a precious flower, though, and she certainly does not want to live in a tower full of fancy dresses. As soon as she is able to, she lifts open the top of her tower and befriends a dragon. As they bond over tea and conversation about her new husband (whom she calls a “twit”), they embark on a plan to even the score with the prince (it involves dragon fire). The book does finish with a happy ending; but only for some.

People who share books with children will love telling this story. It’s laugh-out-loud funny because the characters’ behaviors are so unexpected. This book will remind young girls that it takes courage and determination to be oneself, even when going after one’s dreams or when beginning and ending friendships.

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