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*Wyvernhail: The Kiesha'ra, Volume Five* by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes- young adult book review
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Wyvernhail: The Kiesha'ra, Volume Five
by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Ages 12+ 224 pages Bloomsbury USA May 2009 Paperback    

Living as an outsider in the realm of the Wyvernís Court, Hai is the daughter of the deceased firstborn cobra royal father and a falcon mother. She is also heir to the throne, should she ever choose to pursue her right over her cousins who descend from younger siblings of Haiís father.

Hai is torn between two worlds: the realities of this one, and the secluded, dark, cold world of Ecl, where her powers consume and enfold her. In the shape-shifting world of her people, Hai is powerful and unique in her abilities; the visions she has are often a curse for her. The mixed cobra and falcon blood have created a fearsome power within her that repels many, even the empress of the falcons and her mother, from bonding with her and wanting her near.

But when the Wyvern Court is thrown into chaos, Hai is the only one who knows the tremendous stakes at hand. Her visions lead to unfortunate realizations that only she can see, understand and remedy. Power has never been a desire within her heart, but the destruction she foresees at the hands of a child in the near future prompt her to take swift action. Hai must take the throne and prevent the birth of this child, or the world will be consumed in flames.

Visions, however often they are seen, are not always solid truths. As Haiís actions are wrought to avoid catastrophe, new possible catastrophes arise warning her that only one man can lead the court safely - her cousin, whose life is draining and only she has any possibility of saving. If his life is saved, it may well be at the forfeit of her own, but if he is not saved, the whole world will fall. Haiís courage and magic must succeed and find its way through Ecl before her soul is taken permanently into the cold solitude.

This fifth and final volume of The Kieshaíra series is definitely an exciting conclusion to a unique fantasy world. For readers who haven't followed the series from start to finish, stepping into this volume is not easy. With further immersion into the book, the complexities of the make-believe world, powers and people are easier to follow, but initially the reading, while pleasurable, is hard to follow without understanding the natures of the The Kieshaíra previously established in prior volumes.

The creativity Atwater-Rhodes demonstrates in her characters, setting and plot makes for a great read and fascinating imaginings on behalf of the reader.
Young adult book reviews for ages 12 and up - middle school and high school students

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