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zoo's who
by Douglas Florian
ages 4-8 56 pages Harcourt April 2005 Hardcover    

Douglas Florian has created another delightful, spine-tingling gaggle of animals, the usual tongue-twisting, alliterative troupe: the manta ray, the bush baby, the bats, the slugs, the terns, the wallaby, the sloth and the penguin:

"A penguin isn't thin- it's fat.
It has penguinsulation.
And it toboggans through the snow
On penguinter vacation."

The artwork in this latest collection is outstanding, enthusiastic and gaily colored, guaranteed to inspire young minds with fanciful thoughts on the nature of insects and some of the stranger species of animals, including accolades for the eagle:

"I'm not a seagull.
I'm royal.
I'm regal. All birds are not
Created eagle."

These simple poems and quirky critters leap from Florian's clever mind, offering a world of adventure, a humorous peek into the lives of creatures great and small. With consummate skill, Florian has combined whimsy with some memorable artwork, a book destined to be a favorite of children and adults alike. If you're like me, you know a few "grownups" who will appreciate the wonderful illustrations in zoo's who. Who said we have to grow up anyway?

"I wANTed to write
A poem on an ANT.
I'm frANTic-
I cANT."


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