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*Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!* by Michael Winerip- young readers book review
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Adam Canfield of the Slash
Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!
by Michael Winerip
Ages 9-12 336 pages Candlewick October 2007 Hardcover    

Adam Canfield is the precocious and over-programmed middle schooler who is also the co-editor of his school newspaper, The Slash. When he is not running from one scheduled activity to the next (often late), he likes to play basketball. Continuing his series on middle-school life, Michael Winerip, the erstwhile education writer and currently a columnist on parenting for The New York Times, uses this platform to hold forth on his pet peeves of the educational system overzealous parents who want their children to be continually engaged in scheduled activities and unrealistic and often clueless school teachers and administrators, all the while building a suspenseful story of intrigue.

Several issues collide to make life challenging for Adam Canfield and his fellow staff members at the newspaper. There is a science-fair scam to unravel, a three-hundred year-old tree to save, and a bully survey gone awry to handle. In the midst of all this, Adam finds himself the victim of a bullying incident. As the young journalists attempt to handle all this, the very future of the newspaper is threatened. In a number of well-plotted set pieces, Winerip builds the suspense.

A cast of interesting and believable characters populate the book. There is Jennifer, the mature co-editor of the paper; Phoebe, the dogged third grader who regards every story as a Watergate-type investigation; and Shadow, a special-needs student who has an important role in the paper. These well-drawn characters are sure to strike a familiar chord in readers. Winerip keeps the suspense taut all through the book and uses the denouement to adroitly tie up all loose ends.

In Adam Canfield, Michael Winerip has created an engaging character whose adventures as a middle-school journalist are certain to evoke positive feelings in young readers. Written in a simple style, the action-packed book draws the reader in and holds his attention till the very end.

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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