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*Alley Loo: A Spooky Swamp Tale* by C.E. Walz
Alley Loo: A Spooky Swamp Tale
by C.E. Walz
Ages 4-8 24 pages Dragonfly Publishing March 2009 Paperback    

Billed as a spooky swamp story and written in verse, Alley Loo takes readers on a suspenseful journey through a cypress swamp at night. As you meet the animals who dwell there, each spouts a warning: “Don’t go messin’ with Alley Loo!”

Who exactly is Alley Loo? Take this nail-biting journey and find out for yourself. But be careful - just when you think the coast is clear, something more frightening may be lurking nearby.

Although this is definitely a chilling tale, it is told with children in mind and is not the kind of story nightmares are made of. If your child likes to be scared in a silly and fun manner, then this delightfully spooky book will quickly become a favorite to read over and over again.

First-time author C.E. Walz won the 2008 DFP Awards Children’s Picture Book Contest with this lyrical swamp fable which resulted in its publication. The superbly swampy illustrations by Pamela Wedel are mired in vibrant colors. From the frightened frown of a wide-eyed owl to the terrifically terrified bullfrogs, Wedel’s artwork complements the text as though both artists were of one mind. Never mind the warnings about Alley Loo - get hold of a copy and immerse yourself in the swamp where the black waters flow...

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