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*Apple Pie ABC* by Alison Murray
Apple Pie ABC
by Alison Murray
Ages 2-6 32 pages Hyperion May 2011 Hardcover    

Here’s a totally delicious introduction to the alphabet hosted by a cute puppy determined to sample a freshly baked apple pie. When the little dog sees the pie sitting on the kitchen table cooling, he is eager to try it. He looks for a crumb on the floor, but no luck.

Realizing he’ll have to be a little creative to get to the pie, the puppy tries jumping up and down and placing his paws on the tablecloth. That’s not what the little girl who baked the pie wants to see, so the dog is sent out of the room with his head hug low.

Not one to accept defeat, the puppy sneaks back into the room and ogles the pie. Then he decides it is time to “go for it” and launches his assault. You’ll have to read the book to see what happens next.

Alison Murray’s refreshing new presentation of the traditional ABC book doesn’t resort to just displaying a series of pictures with accompanying names. She’s come up with a humorous text that incorporates the alphabet in such a manner that kids will enjoy practicing their ABCs while also following a doggone good story!

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