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*Arthur's Audio Favorites* by Marc Brown

Also written and/or illustrated by Marc Brown:

Farmyard Beat

Dancing Feet

Born to Read
Arthur's Audio Favorites
by Marc Brown
Ages 4-8 Hachette Audio November 2007 Unabridged audio CD    

Hachette Audio has released an amazing collection in Arthur's Audio Favorites. The one-hour CD features six Arthur the aardvark books written by Marc Brown and read by the author. Each story opens with a catchy theme song tailored to the book. With the author posing as narrator, the listener really gets a feel for how the story is intended to be experienced. The stories follow the books, so if listeners own the previously released books, they can follow along with the audio.

The CD begins with Arthurís First Sleepover, a story highlighted by D.W. and Arthurís fascination with the possibility of alien existence. As the family prepares for Arthurís first outdoor sleepover, the children anticipate seeing visitors from outer space. When the boys at the sleepover have an extraterrestrial experience, they work on debunking the event and exacting a little payback.

Arthur is a victim of teasing in Arthurís Tooth. As his peers present their collections of lost teeth, he is distressed by the realization that he may be the only one in his class who has not lost his first tooth, despite the fact that he has a loose one. He is labeled as a ďbabyĒ by his friends and tries everything he can think of to make his loose tooth fall out. This story provides an important lesson in patience and letting nature take its course.

Arthurís Birthday centers on the planning of Arthurís birthday party. As he invites his friends, he discovers that Muffy is having her birthday party on the same day. Which party will the children attend? The boys decide to stick together and attend Arthurís party, and Muffy threatens the girls that they canít be her friend if they donít attend her party. It seems like the classroom is divided in their allegiance, but Arthur has a solution.

In Arthurís Pet Business, Arthur wants a puppy but his parents want him to prove he can handle the responsibility before he can have one. He decides to open his own pet-care business. If he shows he can take care of other peopleís pets, then his parents should trust him to take care of his own dog. Running a business isnít going to be as easy as he expected, however.

Arthurís New Puppy continues the events that took place in Arthurís Pet Business, opening with Arthur trying desperately to housetrain his new puppy, Pal. The trials of pet ownership are taking toll on the entire family. Will Arthur be able to train Pal before his parents take drastic measures?

The last tale is Arthur Writes a Story. When the class is given a writing assignment, Arthur decides to write about his experience getting his puppy, Pal. As he shares his story with his classmates, he gets lots of suggestions for how his story should be written. By the time he is prepared to turn it in, it is a far cry from what he started with, and Mr. Ratburn will have to bring him back down to Earth.

Arthur fans will enjoy this collection of favorite books. They are geared toward children aged four to eight, but readers of any age can appreciate Arthurís realistic and familiar adventures one story at a time or all at once.
Beginning readers book reviews for developing, emerging and fluent readers

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