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*Auntie's House* by Dawn Aldrich, illustrated by Michael Aldrich
Auntie's House
by Dawn Aldrich, illustrated by Michael Aldrich
Ages 3-7 32 pages Halo Publishing International February 2009 Paperback    

The first things readers will notice about Auntie's House, written by Dawn Aldrich and illustrated by Michael Aldrich, are the illustrations. They are filled with rich orange and green colors; nature-filled scenery with lovely smiling faces; healthy women who have a good relationship; and a cozy home.

While the back cover claims that the story is about the trust between the adult sisters in caring for the child and that the mother will return at the end of the day, I didnít see that upon the first reading. What I saw was a child adjusting to separation. The child, knowing that her mother will arrive later and knowing that she is with a trusted and adored adult, learns to spend the day away from her mother without struggling with separation issues. In fact, the child discovers that the experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

Dawn Aldrich employs a rhythmic pattern with three to five lines per illustration in this 32-page paperback, which offers a reading family a way to slow down and really enjoy the book. The authorís own loving relationship with her family is evident in the first few pages, where she dedicates the book to her niece and extended family members who helped with her children over the years. The author is formally educated in radio and TV communications and is an experienced writer of plays and books. She appears regularly in the public to act, speak, or read from her work.

Auntie's House was printed in the U.S. in paperback format, which equates to fewer fossil fuels spent on North American readers. I was thrilled to see on the publisherís site an announcement that they offer a green publishing alternative: recycled content. This is a great first step into the world of green publishing alternatives permeating the industry today.

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