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*Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now* by Lauren Child- young readers book review
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Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now
by Lauren Child
Grades 4-7 256 pages Candlewick August 2008 Paperback    

Clarice Bean’s best friend is Betty Moody. Clarice and Betty do everything together. They have even developed a code that is known only to the two of them.

Their code lets them know when one of them sees something or someone coming that is going to be a problem. For instance, when Betty sees Robert Granger coming toward them, she will say to Clarice “Don’t look now,” and Clarice will know that she had better look now and she’d better react, or they will have to talk to Robert Granger. Robert is nice enough, but he is different - and in school, different is not always good.

Clarice writes down things that she worries about in a notebook. She and Betty also share an interest in Ruby Redford, the girl detective who has all kinds of advice for getting out of sticky situations. The girls try to always abide by Ruby’s instructions, and most of the time that takes care of Clarice’s worry list. But Clarice has discovered that the worst worry is the one you didn’t even know you should be worrying about.

When Clarice starts to worry that Betty’s parents might be getting a divorce, she is surprised to find out that Betty is moving. That worry hadn’t even made her list. Then, as things begin to become unsettled at home with Clarice’s mother and father, Clarice begins to worry that maybe her family is the one that is headed for divorce.

Follow Clarice as she works through each of her worries, tackling them head-on in the manner of Judy Moody and Junie B. Jones. Younger readers will also enjoy hearing about Clarice’s younger brother, Minal. This is a necessary fiction title for elementary collections.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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