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*Because of Mr. Terupt* by Rob Buyea- young readers fantasy book review
Also by Rob Buyea:

Mr. Terupt Falls Again
Because of Mr. Terupt
by Rob Buyea
Grades 4-6 288 pages Delacorte October 2010 Hardcover    

A truly inspiring story told in the authentic voices of seven students, Because of Mr. Terupt follows a group of students throughout their fifth-grade year with their brand new teacher, Mr. Terupt.

Different from most teachers, Mr. Terupt treats each student as an individual, making learning fun and challenging, expecting nothing less from his class than their very best. As Mr. Terupt strays from traditional teaching methods, focusing on hands-on learning experiences, the reader knows that something bad is going to happen; at the same time, we’re not sure what it could be. The students tell the story from their own perspective, sometimes introducing new events, other times experiencing the same event in a different way.

True to life, each student is unique: a troublemaker, girl bully, new girl, fat girl, overachiever, social outcast, and one boy who just hates school. Most revealing, the “girl war” is painfully realistic, depicting the cruel bullying that can happen with words.

When Mr. Terupt enters their lives, each student begins to change, risk moving out of his/her own comfort zone and grow in their academic achievements, friendships and knowledge of the world and people around them. When tragedy does strike, and the students are responsible, each voice reflects a compassion which changes their view of themselves and others.

Because of Mr. Terupt is a story of friendships, shared secrets, compassion for the disabled, and forgiveness. The character of Mr. Terupt is an example to all teachers - not just the new ones - to try something different, to expect students to do their very best, to teach more than just the curriculum standards and to teach what it means to be a caring person.
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