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*My Body, My Self for Girls Quizbook & Journal (2nd Ed.)* by Lynda & Area Madaras - tweens/young readers book review

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My Body, My Self for Girls Quizbook & Journal (2nd Ed.)
by Lynda & Area Madaras
Ages 9-15 128 pages Newmarket Press December 2000 Paperback    

My Body, My Self for Girls has been translated into 12 languages and is one of the leading education books for adolescent issues. The book has been recently updated, and the second edition is now available. Mother-and-daughter writing team Lynda and Area Madaras have been working on the "What’s Happening To My Body?" series for more than 20 years. There are now six books in the series, each one written specifically for either boys or girls. Lynda, a former school sex education teacher, has authored a dozen books and is known internationally for her work in adolescent education.

The workbook begins by encouraging the young readers to really think about what stage their bodies are currently at. They are then asked to write about their feelings on puberty and the changes they expect to face. The authors explain that there are many kinds of families; some children are raised by an older generation (grandparents) who may not understand the concerns of today’s adolescents. There are families with multiple parents (step-parents/foster parents), families with one parent and with same-sex parents. Some adults are open and understanding; others are too busy or impatient. Once the reader has determined whether they feel they can approach an adult with questions, the authors provide exercises on how to bring up the discussion and talk about their concerns.

Don’t expect this book to teach young girls about sex. Instead, it will teach them about their own bodies. The book covers all kinds of adolescent issues - weight, body type, pubic hair, PMS, growing pains, breasts, pregnancy, image, height and more. The authors show to keep track of a menstruation cycle and a brief overview of what products are available to choose from. They also explain how body hair begins to appear and the different ways of dealing with unwanted hair. My Body, My Self for Girls also provides a guided tour of the external sex organs and more than 40 detailed illustrations, creating an exceptional educational tool for young girls

Written for girls from 8 to 15, this 128-page workbook will ease the fear and misconceptions about the changes adolescents face - and not just in the next few years; it also prepares them for changes in their adult life, as well. Truly honest discussions in a clear, unbiased way are accompanied with quizzes, exercises, checklists, activities and comments from other young girls about their experiences growing up.

I found myself wishing that I had access to a book like this during my own adolescent years. In fact, I learned a thing or two… and I am 36! There are so many questions that we can’t seem to ask, even when we trust our confidante. Sadly, so many adults are not only ill-prepared but also uninformed, and this creates a barrier that is difficult to surmount. I have no doubt that this book will ease the fear and discomfort that women feel about their bodies and their selves.

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