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*Babymouse #6: Camp Babymouse* by Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm- young readers fantasy book review
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Babymouse #6: Camp Babymouse
by Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm
Ages 9-12 91 pages Random House May 2007 Paperback    

Whatís black and pink and read all over? The Babymouse series, of course!

Camp Babymouse, the latest installment in this terrific series, is as delightful and purposeful as the previous books. Our pint-sized princess of a heroine is off to camp to learn about teamwork while dodging the dangers of the great outdoors. A camp-wide competition has Babymouse trying to overcome obstacles, make friends and stay clear of kitchen duty. Even though things donít go exactly as planned, these two weeks of camping challenges sure give our girl something to write home about.

Tiny and tenacious, this rodent takes readers on a fun romp through Camp Wild Whiskers. Her unassuming presence creates a character that comes alongside her audience with vulnerable charm. A dash of mischief and her mouse-like playfulness make her an endearing heroine. Eye-catching and idea-capturing graphics move the story along with creative vitality. The myriad of moments that make up Babymouseís adventures are cleverly caught with a few sure strokes of black ink and a pinch of pink.

With a plot certain to capture the interest of a younger audience, this book explores the dynamics of friendships and competitions while adding a healthy dose of fresh air, sunshine and giggles. The camp setting is the stuff both dreams and nightmares are made of, but Babymouse leads readers out of the woods and into a wonderful ending.

Camp Babymouse is sweet (either with or without the cupcakes), while the gentle lessons she gives young minds are memorable.

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