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Also by Janee Trasler:

A New Chick for Chickies

Dinnertime for Chickies

These oversized padded board books star three energetic yellow chicks. Sheep, Pig, and Cow try to toilet train the trio and put them to bed, but the chickies always have a delay tactic.

In Bedtime for Chickies, they wake up Cow for water: “Cheep, cheep, cheep, we can’t sleep. We’re thirsty.” They interrupt Pig’s sleep with a “cheep, cheep, cheep” and a plea for the potty. Before they all settle into bed for the night, there is one more demand: a story.

In Pottytime for Chickies, the same three farm animals are trying to get the chickies to use the toilet—properly! But before they do, the chicks have a swim in the toilet, they throw the toilet paper around, and they launch themselves off the tank with a boing!

These books are funny and easy to read because of the rhymes: “Oh no, Chickies. Hug. Hug. Squeeze. Pottyime is NOT for these.” In each book, the chicks are given lots of affection, both verbally and physically, and taught proper hygiene when in the bathroom and kitchen. The onomatopoeiac words that often appear in triples add an enjoyable rhythm to the story.

These stories will help parents and children see the humor in a sometimes stressful experience that can be fraught with hurdles and setbacks.


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