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*Food! by Cookie Monster* by Mike Pantuso, illustrator

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Food! by Cookie Monster
by Mike Pantuso, illustrator
Baby-preschool 32 pages Random House August 2006 Board book    

Kids who love Cookie Monster (and food!) will love this new, colorful board book, “written by and featuring the finger paintings of” Cookie Monster (the real artist behind the book is Mike Pantuso, a senior graphic designer for Sesame Street, and the authors are Naomi Kleinberg and Deborah November).

Cookie Monster goes through a variety of foods in this book and shows how much he loves them. Though there isn’t much text, there are plenty of colorful depictions of Cookie Monster eating, which will delight young readers. This would be a good book for those just learning to read as they can enjoy the book without knowing the words and can also work on learning the small number of words that appear in the book.

The only downside to Food! is that the back cover of the book and the introduction lead you to believe that Cookie Monster will be extolling the virtues of healthy food, so parents might think they’re getting a book that will help them encourage their kids to eat fruits and veggies. However, Cookie Monster instead talks about his love for cookies, pizza and movie popcorn and never once mentions anything technically “healthy” (though there is one picture that features Cookie Monster gardening, and there are some other pictures of healthy foods throughout the book). I (and probably most parents) would have liked to see Cookie Monster talk about at least one fruit or veggie.

If you’re not hoping this book will help lead your child to healthier eating, you and your young child will both enjoy the colorful, cute Food! by Cookie Monster. You might even want to enjoy it with a plateful of cookies!

Children's board book reviews for babies and toddlers

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