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*Dog Loves Counting* by Louisa Yates
Also by Louisa Yates:

A Small Surprise
Dog Loves Counting
by Louisa Yates
Ages 3-5 32 pages Knopf September 2013 Hardcover    

Yates’s (Dog Loves Books, Dog Loves Drawing) newest book featuring Dog addresses sleeplessness.

After reading his much-beloved books in bed, Dog discovers that he cannot sleep. After the more traditional methods fail to put him to sleep, he tries counting the animal characters in his books.

The first animal he meets hatches from an orange spotted egg (a dodo); the next animal he sees he finds in a tree (a three-toed sloth). The animals from his favorite book greet him with waves and smiles and keep him company on his search.

In the desert, Dog counts the fourth animal (labeled No. 4 The Camel) and its four legs (labeled 1,2,3,4). The fifth animal is the five-lined skink, and the sixth animal is a six-legged fly.

The counting does not end on the beach with the crab, though (ten legs). When Dog loses dodo, the animals count backwards while searching in all directions until they find the one they lost. He’s fine; he was just looking up at the stars. When the animals see the beautiful night sky, they resume counting and agree with dog when he says, “I could do this forever.”

The idea of book friends adds a level of comfort to this storyline, and the pale colors and light lines of the watercolor illustrations help set the mood for this charming bedtime story.

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