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*Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons* by Ernest Drake, edited by Dugald Steer- young readers book review
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Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
by Ernest Drake, edited by Dugald Steer
Grades 2-7 32 pages Candlewick October 2003 Hardcover    

It is said that a dragon can be tamed by this spell: “Ecce Narcisso Draconus Attractivae.” But the spell only lasts a short while, and then - beware! Of course, one might challenge the validity of such an enterprise; certainly, legend prevails over logic. But if approached with an open mind, as reflected in the pages of Dragonology, a whole new world opens to the willing student of any age.

Extensive dragon lore is explored in this elegantly bound and lavishly illustrated volume, dragons from every corner of the world: their biology and physiology, life cycles, behavior, taming and flying, and the necessary spells and charms to subdue them for study and mischief.

Elaborate, full-color illustrations accompany the descriptions of each type, pertinent details explained in colorful sidebars, sliding windows, fold-out pages, even wax-sealed envelopes containing private messages of interest to the dragon scholar.

The dragon biology and physiology section has overlay pages from skeletal and muscular structure to exterior features, with a sidebar on feeding and digestion. The life cycle section explains the four stages of development, from three months to thirty-six months, including the care and feeding of the newborn creatures.

A detailed map indicates the origins of primary species from Tibet to China to Australia, from forest, mountain, prairie and steppe, arctic regions, jungle, desert and savanna (differentiated from the infamous Sea Serpent).

Specific charms and spells are included, to be used with caution (and the appropriate tongue-in-cheek) when casting: “It is better to know much, see much, learn much, but do little… other than conserve and protect the few dragons that remain on earth.”

This stunning journal mines detail, magic and whimsy with wildly imaginative text and pictures, a seductive journey to a world of science-fantasy where anything is possible. Yet one cannot help but ask, “how many more of earth’s creatures will become extinct until people start to say that they never existed at all, except in our imaginations?”

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