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Hit the Ball Duck!

Fix-It Duck

Duck in the Truck
by Jez Alborough
ages 3-6 16 pages Kane/Miller September 2005 Board book    

A relaxing country drive for Duck turns into one big muddy inconvenience. You can almost hear the splatter and ooze as various animals try to help Duck move his beautiful clean red truck - which is now trapped in thick mud. The truck will need more than duck, frog, and sheep muscle to move it. Luckily, someone does come along with a plan. Will it be enough to help duck? And what thanks will the rescuers get?

This is a beautiful board book; the colors are vibrant. The red truck and the brown mud glisten, and the greens in the countryside make for a picturesque background throughout the book. Jez Alborough has written additional Duck books - more of Duck’s adventures can be read in Fix-it Duck, Duck’s Key: Where Can it Be?, and Captain Duck.

Children will love seeing the animals get muddier and muddier. The mud spreads from their feet to their bums, tails, and beyond. The rhyming text and theme of teamwork and perseverance make this a wonderful book for children. Big, clear pictures make it a pleasure to read.

Humorous details are found throughout. Duck’s license plate says DUCK1, and the hood ornament on his truck is a duck poised, ready for take-off. When the truck hits a rock, the truck doesn’t sink slowly and gently into the mud. Duck and his truck bounce up and down, with groceries flying everywhere. The animation of the animals is funny, too. With Sheep’s first step in the mud, his tongue comes out in disgust. Sheep proceeds to tiptoe ever so carefully into the mud over to Duck. When they fail to move the truck, Duck flags down another rescuer - with onions. He waves the now muddy grocery onions around to catch the attention of a passerby. And the laughs continue to the end.

Now that's entertainment!
Children's board book reviews for babies and toddlers

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