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*Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the Whole Wide World* by John Burningham
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Edwardo: The Horriblest Boy in the Whole Wide World
by John Burningham
Preschool-Grade 3 32 pages Red Fox April 2007 Paperback    

Edwardo is a just an ordinary boy who does ordinary things. And, just like other ordinary children, from time to time he gets into trouble. He kicks things, he makes noise, and he is sometimes mean to other children and pets. He doesn’t always keep his room as clean as it should be, and he probably could work harder to brush his teeth and wash his face every morning. Each time he engages in this not-so-perfect behavior, the adults around him reinforce his negative behavior by telling him he is clumsy, cruel, noisy, messy, dirty, nasty, rude and rough.

One day, after Edwardo accidentally knocks over a pot of flowers, his life begins to change. As the flowers begin to grow, some adults praise his behavior and suggest he help others with their gardens. Then, after Edwardo cruelly splashes a dog with water, some adults suggest he put his skills to good use and clean the pets of others. When he pushes a child right before a light fixture comes crashing down, some suggest he put his instincts to good use and watch other children while they play.

Almost out of nowhere, Edwardo is praised rather than punished, and the adults see great potential for his future. By merely supporting Edwardo rather than consistently criticizing him, the adults in his life transform him from the horriblest boy in the world on page one to one of the nicest boys in the world by story’s end. This change represents an amazing transformation for Edwardo (and the people around him), and readers will have a great time eavesdropping on this journey.

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