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Firecracker Jones Is on the Case
by Christopher Klim
ages 8-12 116 pages Hopewell Publications July 2005 Paperback    

Just as he's about to set a school football record, Ted Packard disappears - packs up, moves out, up and leaves. His best friend, Firecracker Jones, knows something is very wrong: Ted wouldn't leave without saying good-bye. Classmates keep asking Firecracker what happened to Ted. Determined to find out what has happened, Firecracker Jones is on the case.

Firecracker can't get a straight answer from his mom, teachers or coaches. He can tell they're hiding something, but what? A search of Ted's old house and yard turn up nothing but suspicions about the guy who moved in after Ted left. Finally, by chance, Firecracker finds a lead to follow: at night, across town by bus, through the woods and over the muddy lake. What he discovers is totally unexpected - and so is what Firecracker decides to do about it.

Kids age 8-12 are at a vulnerable spot with reading; it's often when they decide if they like reading or not. They need well-written, high interest books to convince them to be readers for life. Firecracker Jones Is On the Case ably fills that need. With just the right blend of humor, logic and message, Klim draws readers into the mystery with appealing, dimensional characters while subtly teaching about confronting fears, change, and loyalty. Kids can relate to the sometimes-clumsy Firecracker and his health-conscious mom. They'll laugh out loud at the antics of Firecracker and his friends.

Firecracker Jones Is On The Case is at once funny, serious, and wholesome. The first book of a series, I can easily see this as a Disney Channel movie.Highly recommended for boys and girls age 8-12.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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