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*GirlForce: Shine* by Nikki Goldstein- young readers book review
GirlForce: Shine
by Nikki Goldstein
Ages 10-14 176 pages Bloomsbury USA December 2009 Paperback    

If only I’d had this book when I was a teenager! Nikki Goldstein’s GirlForce: Shine is a treasure, full of sensible advice and tips about how to get through those teenage years when we’re still sorting out our own personalities and trying to navigate the treacherous path into adulthood.

In a perfect world, we’d all be judged on our character, but our world isn’t perfect; we all judge others on appearance. As in her other Girlforce offerings, Goldstein urges readers of GirlForce: Shine to appreciate their own natural brand of beauty rather than trying to squeeze themselves into some other shape or niche.

Goldstein uses the ancient science of ayurveda to help readers identify their own unique beauty types. By taking that first step into individuality, not only will readers learn to look their best, they’ll also develop the confidence that comes with being proud of who they really are.

The single most important part of any beauty regimen is health, of course. GirlForce: Shine encourages healthy habits, like eating nutritious foods and getting proper exercise. Readers will learn the most effective forms of both, based on their ayurvedic doshas. This method has the added advantage of actually being fun because it takes into account what specific body types really want.

The hair and make-up tips also incorporate ayurvedic principles. Forget about those cookie-cutter tips for eyeliner and foundation that you find in most magazines! GirlForce: Shine spells out the best and easiest looks for you. Happily, Goldstein explains why these things work well for some people but not so well for others, and she offers some general guidelines that can be adjusted to accommodate changing trends, as well.

Perhaps my favorite part of GirlForce: Shine is the chapter on pampering yourself. Everybody’s life gets crazy, and sometimes we forget to treat ourselves to luxuries like pedicures or facials. Goldstein reminds us that regular pampering is an important part of staying healthy. Her make-it-yourself formulas for moisturizers, skin cleansers, and facial masks are pure, healthy, and affordable, plus they’re fun!

Specifically designed for pre-teens and teens, GirlForce: Shine addresses the issues that are often neglected by mainstream beauty books. She explains why zits appear at the most inopportune times and how you can discourage them; why some girls can’t fill a training bra and others are overflowing; and how to make peace with the hair you’ve got (which is never the hair you want).

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Goldstein teaches respect for self, which is absolutely the most important key to looking and feeling great. She clearly remembers how miserable the teen years can be, and she doesn’t try to brush aside those traumatic moments with useless promises about how it will all seem silly a few years from now. So much of our personalities and our senses of self are formed during these years – doesn’t it make sense to listen to someone like Nikki Goldstein who understands that and can show teens how to make the very best of every day?

GirlForce: Shine really does shine, with wisdom and compassion for all readers – teens, pre-teens, and even those of us who are little past age 21. This is a perfect gift for the special young women you know.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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