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*Ghosts of Rockville: Search for the Dominion Glass* by Justin Heimberg - middle grades book review
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Ghosts of Rockville: Search for the Dominion Glass
by Justin Heimberg
Ages 9+ 288 pages Seven Footer Press September 2011 Hardcover    

Do you love reading about Things that Go Bump in the Night? If so, you’re sure to love the talented Justin Heimberg’s spookily good novel, Ghosts of Rockville: Search for the Dominion Glass. Join a team of young ghost hunters as they earn some extra spending money investigating ghosts and their search for a magical artifact: the Dominion Glass.

This crystal allows whoever uses it to summon and control the spirits of the dearly departed at will. Any ghost hunter worthy of the title would salivate at the prospect of obtaining such an elusive glass. But before they can obtain it, the four ghost hunters—Brian, Pam, Danni and Jay—must locate and obtain a certain Key. Their quest and spectral adventures propel the novel, keeping the reader engrossed in the fascinating plot from the first to the final pages.

Brian, Pam, Danni, and Jay each have unique qualities that that make them important members of their ghost-hunting group. Until they are contacted by a group of librarians who want to rid the library’s rare book room of ghosts, the group has only taken cases in which kids have come to them with their ghostly dilemmas. When the librarians ask for their help, it gives the group both needed money and the feeling that what they do is important. They’re being taken seriously for a change.

Jay became interested in the paranormal when his father died. He later took a photo in which he believes the ghostly image of his father is captured. Since then, he’s been trying to learn as much as he can about ghosts in the hope of re-establishing contact with his father. The book he consults perhaps more than any other is the Encyclopedia of the Paranormal, which one of the librarians has kindly “loaned” to him.

Danni is a forensics expert who consults with the spirits of dead animals, like squirrels, to learn about their last moments of life, and information like the license plate numbers of the cars that killed them. She likes to come up with quips like characters from CSI, and her insights help provide vital clues to locating the Key.

Brian is a closet intellectual who doesn’t like to let anyone know he’s smart. He thinks it will ruin his reputation as being a popular jock.

Pam is a psychic, though her skills are dubious. She lives in a family of exceptional psychics who make her feel like her own skills are sadly lacking, though she might yet develop them further. Her mother doesn’t think that Pam’s seeing letters that others can’t is any major indication of her budding psychic abilities, but the letters spell out clues that play an important role in solving the mysteries the group faces.

These four have to puzzle out a series of rhymes that are somehow connected to certain grave markers, crop circles, and a medium. Their search for the Key involves them in a many exciting adventures. Even after they find the Key, will they be able to locate the Dominion Glass? Not to give anything away, but Ghosts of Rockville: Search for the Dominion Glass is the first book of a planned five-novel series by the author.

Justin Heimberg has made reading this novel interactive, so readers can feel like they are taking a role in solving the riddles and mysteries, by including patented MagicView technology with the book. This basically includes a viewer made of lentricular plastic readers can look through to enable them to see clues along with the characters as they make their discoveries. Without it, the clues remain hidden.
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