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*The Giant Seed (Stories Without Words)* by Arthur Geisert
Also by Arthur Geisert:

Ice (Stories Without Words)
The Giant Seed (Stories Without Words)
by Arthur Geisert
Ages 4+ 32 pages Enchanted Lion May 2012 Hardcover    

The pigs are back! In this follow-up to Geisertís New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 2011, Ice, the pigs once again demonstrate the benefits of industrious work and creative genius when they harness community efforts and plant a giant seed near their village.

When a dandelion seed lands on the pigsí small island, the community plants the seed that grows into a healthy dandelion plant just outside the village. The volcano on the island erupts, sending the pigs fleeing, scurrying up the hill with supplies and belongings that they have packed with them. With quick thinking and community cooperation, the pigs come up with a plan that uses the dandelion plant to transport them to the safety of a new island.

Geisertís signature style of a no-text picture story boasts aesthetically enticing images filled with intricate details and based in muted colors, which will engage child and adult alike. Thought-provoking themes centered on cooperation, problem-solving and perseverance will stimulate conversation and provide an uplifting story for children ages 3 to 10 years of age. Highly recommended.

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