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*Gigi And Zachary Go To Work: A Seek-and-Find Game* by Gilles Eduar - buy it online

Gigi And Zachary Go To Work: A Seek-and-Find Game
by Gilles Eduar
Ages 9-12 48 pages Chronicle Books February 2005 Hardcover Recommended at 5 stars of 5   

Gigi the giraffe and Zachary the zebra are off on an adventure, searching for the perfect career, each double page spread showing a different occupation, a series of seek-and-find games. These gaily colored illustrations offer a humorous view of the world of choices for the future, identifying occupations and the objects associated with each, a variety of multi-dimensional careers.

Explore a myriad of possibilities, drawings of the many facets of life, choices of employment, both white and blue collar and the tools of the trades. A teacher nestled in her classroom, surrounded by items for a child to pick out and identify, a globe, library, map, slide, storyteller; or the service station, featuring a gas attendant, truck driver, vending machine and hydraulic lift.

On the construction site, find a carpenter, a construction worker, crane, crane operator and a roofer. There is a hospital, with a doctor, laboratory, operating room, scale, test tube and more. Visit a book publisher, construction site, fancy hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, even a rocket launching at the space center.

The illustrations are primary colored and quirky, humorously drawn in a style that stimulates a child's inherent curiosity. The search-and-find concept challenges children to choose correctly, identify objects and become acquainted with new words on each page.

Bright and energetic, this book promises hours of fun for parents and children alike. Published by Chronicle Books, Gigi and Zachary Go to Work enjoys the same quality as the other Chronicle titles, full of ideas, the perfect gift for a favorite child. The book is labeled ages 9-12, but younger readers will enjoy this format as well, encouraged to increase their vocabulary and interest in reading, connecting the images with the words that identify them, a clever way to contemplate a future with no restrictions, when a child can be anything he imagines.

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