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*Green* by Laura Peyton Roberts - young readers book review
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Queen B
by Laura Peyton Roberts
Ages 8-11 272 pages Delacorte January 2010 Hardcover    

A light, fun fantasy targeted at older elementary school girls, Green is the story of Lilybet, a newcomer to Providence who longs to make more friends in her new neighborhood and school.

On her thirteenth birthday, Lilybet discovers a package at her door which immediately explodes. Inside the package, Lilybet discovers a green and gold key that her recently deceased grandmother always wore. As she cleans up from the explosion, Lilybet meets a leprechaun in her bedroom, who eventually takes her to the magical land of the leprechauns.

Here she learns that she is her grandmother’s successor in the land of leprechauns as the keeper of the gold; surprisingly, Lilybet’s heritage on her father’s side involves just a tiny bit of leprechaun blood,making Lilybet a “lepling.” In order to officially become the keeper, Lilybet must pass three difficult tests; these conflicts/conquests make up the bulk of the book as Lilybet must open the cave of gold, catch a “pisky,” and steal gold from a rival leprechaun clan. Going home with her memory intact is not an option until she completes the tests. If she succeeds, she may come and go as she pleases – keeping the memory of her grandmother and family legacy alive.

Roberts integrates a friendship story with fantasy as she tells of Lilybet’s adventures with the leprechauns. The story is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz in many ways – especially when she first arrives and is treated like a queen and is given the impossible tasks. At first, it is difficult to suspend disbelief - the leprechaun world is pure fantasy compared to the previous chapters dealing with Lilybet’s friendship issues. Nevertheless, the reader soon becomes caught up in Lilybet’s three tests, overcoming impossible obstacles to achieve each goal.

Her character growth plays an important part of her success as she gains self-confidence, learns the value of true friendship and must use her wits to solve the intentionally difficult obstacles. The loyalties of the leprechaun characters are mixed, sometimes helping Lilybet, at other times hindering her success.

Green is an excellent choice for students who loved Frank L. Baum’s Oz series, or girls who prefer friendship stories but must read a fantasy to fulfill a genre requirement. The fact that there are other leprechaun clans (besides Green) opens up the possibility of a sequel, although this book stands alone with an ending that, while predictable, does not disappoint.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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