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In a move to celebrate nature on Earth Day, which falls on April 22, HarperCollins features this trio of children's books.

Little Sweet Potato follows the life of this terrific little spud who rolls away from his home patch and must find a new place to reside. Along his journey, he encounters unfriendly plants and flowers and begins to wonder if he belongs anywhere.

The Berenstain Bears Go Green follows the loveable little creatures and their wonderful home where grass grows green, the sky reflects blue, and friends of every shape and color live side by side in ecological harmony. But their sweet little world is endangered when the Bears discover that the town sewage dump has become overrun and is leaking nasty things into their drinking water at the local creek.

Never Say Die follows in the style of Far North and Ghost Canoe, two previous titles from Will Hobbs. There is danger and adventure for 15-year-old Nick Thrasher, an experienced Inuit hunter. He brings down a caribou and returns to his village with a prime cut of meat for his sickly grandfather. But before he makes it back, there is an encounter with a strange creature he has never seen before. It is a bear, to be sure, but what kind of bear?

The first two titles are directed at readers from 4 - 8 years old, while the latter book is meant for middle-grade readers. They all teach the value of sharing and friendship, along with the importance of people and things within the ecological makeup of the world.


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