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*Hoot* by Carl Hiaasen- young readers fantasy book review
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by Carl Hiaasen
Ages 9-12 304 pages Yearling March 2006 Paperback    

Roy has attended several schools by the time he lands in Trace Middle School in Florida. His father works for the Justice Department, and moving from location to location is just a part of the job. When Roy’s family leaves Montana for Florida, Roy doesn’t expect much from the new “adventure.” However, adventure is just what Roy has in store for him in this sunny state.

School bully Dana Matherson has selected Roy as his next victim – but Roy has known bullies before, and he finds that even the taller, bulkier Dana is no match for his experience. Roy has learned that every bully has a weakness, and the secret to dealing with them is to discover what that weakness is.

Construction on a new pancake house awakens Roy and his new friends to an unexpected danger. Small burrowing owls live on the lot where the construction is to begin. Without their intervention, the owls will lose their homes and possibly be destroyed. What begins as simple acts of vandalism to delay construction will become a full-fledged protest to protect these small birds.

Now a major motion picture, this story is a delight for all readers and an excellent choice for a read-aloud title. This printing includes an 8-page spread of full-color photos from the movie. Hoot deals with issues of bullying, family relationships, judging by appearances and friendship. This is a must-have title for all middle school collections.

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