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*Kali's Song* by Jeanette Winter
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The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps

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Kali's Song
by Jeanette Winter
Ages 4+ 40 pages Schwartz and Wade March 2012 Hardcover    

Kali is expected to participate in the big hunt. His father has given him a bow to practice with, and his mother has taught him about the animals heís supposed to kill.

Hunting does not come naturally to Kali, though. Music is his gift. When Kali puts down the arrows, he discovers he can pluck the bowstring to make beautiful sounds.

At first, only the animals and stars appreciate Kaliís talent, but when Kali debuts his skills during the big hunt, everyone in the tribe listens. After Kali is recognized as a shaman, his talents are nurtured and celebrated by his family and himself.

Jeanette Winterís (The Watcher: Jane Goodallís Life with the Chimps) artwork appears aged with time. Her choice of color and detail in the illustrations (rendered in acrylic paint, pen, ink and handmade paper) complements the prehistoric theme of this story. Reading this book aloud gives children a glimpse into the past and hope for their own future.

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