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*Kit Feeny: On the Move* by Michael Townsend- young readers book review
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Kit Feeny: On the Move
by Michael Townsend
Ages 7-12 96 pages Knopf October 2009 Paperback    

Moving away from your best friend is usually no laughing matter, but it is in this graphic novel!

Kit Feeny (who looks like a hairless bear with feline facial features, minus the whiskers) tries to adjust to life without Arnold, but drawing vampire bananas and reading comic books just aren’t helping Kit forget his best friend. Instead, these distractions are making him remember the good times, like “Operation Pizza Money” and the bouncy ball incident.

At his new school his gloominess deepens as his plan to find a replacement best friend fails. His ‘shirt of wonder’ causes unwanted attention, and no one passes his ‘Arnold replacement test.’ Kit has to face the facts: ninja fishing and graphic novels are unfamiliar pastimes in this new town.

Feeling like he’s done all he can, Kit gives up searching for a new friend and starts living the life of a hobo, eating cold beans in the front yard. When Kit’s dad comes out to offer up a suggestion about the beans, he slips in some advice about friendship. This advice ends Kit’s hobo lifestyle and puts “Operation I Hope This Works” into effect.

Rendered in pen and ink and digitally colored with orange hues, On the Move is the first of two graphic novels in the “Kit Feeny” series. Readers who enjoy the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney should be steered towards Kit Feeny. Easy to read and humorous in design, this comic book about making new friends without forgetting the old ones is sure to leave kids wanting more.

Michael Townsend doesn’t deny having a few things in common with Kit (see the back endpapers of the comic). You can find him in Pennsylvania.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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