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*Knitty Kitty* by David Elliott, illustrated by Christopher Denise
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Knitty Kitty
by David Elliott, illustrated by Christopher Denise
Ages 4-8 32 pages Candlewick September 2008 Hardcover    

Clickety-click. Tickety-tick. Knitty Kitty is making warm winter clothing to keep her three kittens cozy, toasty and comfy. Inside their home, the fireplace keeps everyone warm, but outside the air is cool and the snow is falling. A knitted hat, a pair of mittens, and a scarf are sure to keep these kittens warm on a snowy winter evening.

There is someone outside, though, who could use a little warmth, too. The kittens can see him from the front window, sitting in the yard with a smile on his face - but he has no hat on his head, mittens on his hands, or scarf around his neck. Not wanting their frosty friend to freeze, the kittens find a way to bring their new friend some cozy, toasty, comfy feelings this winter, too.

Lit up by the reflection from the snow and the glow from the fireplace, the pages of Knitty Kitty feel homey and inviting. Yellow hues surround the kittens as they play with balls of yarn from Knitty Kitty’s basket or jump on a wiggling tail. Never too far from Knitty Kitty’s sight, the kittens play outside, but when the sun goes down, the kittens are called back indoors with the ringing of a bell. Wearing a long skirt, a purple shawl, and an apron wrapped around her waist, Knitty Kitty is a mother cat who plans ahead, cares a lot, and always knows what her kittens need.

Perfect for storytime, Knitty Kitty reads just as beautifully as it looks. Children will enjoy hearing the rhythm of the words as they are read aloud and seeing all the ways the kittens interact with each other on the page.

Knitty Kitty was written by David Elliott. Raised in Ohio, Elliott has written many books for young readers, including the picture book One Little Chicken: A Counting Book and the chapter books starring Evangeline Mudd. He lives in New Hampshire.

Christopher Denise illustrated Knitty Kitty using acrylic and ink. A fan of Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Tom Kitten, Christopher’s illustrations also appear in several books in the Redwall series, as well as the picture books Oliver Finds His Way and Pigs Love Potatoes. He lives in Rhode Island.

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