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*Lawn Boy* by Gary Paulsen- young readers book review
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Lawn Boy
by Gary Paulsen
Grades 4-6 96 pages Wendy Lamb Books June 2007 Hardcover    

Rev up those mowers, kids; thereís green in that lawn Ė and Iím not just talking about the clover!

When a twelve-year-old boy receives on old riding mower from his grandmother, he hopes he can make enough money to buy an inner tube for his ten-speed. But when he cuts the grass for a stockbroker, he learns some very profitable ways to maximize his earnings. In a short time, this underage entrepreneur goes from riding his bike to riding the waves of the stock market. His hilarious climb into capitalism is both entertaining and educational.

This novel cleverly explains some basic economic concepts within the context of a snappy little tale. Young readers will be exposed to such ideas as the law of supply and demand, diversifying labor and distributing the wealth. This lawn mowing ladís entry into the world of high finance provides a sense of excitement as well as accomplishment. Arnold, his stockbroker, carefully goes over his investment strategy in age-appropriate terms, making these ideas come alive with vivid results.

Written from the first-person perspective, Lawn Boy gives an up close and personal look at the trials and triumphs this grass guru faces. As his client base increases, his need for employees forces him to hire helpers who prefer to work anonymously. His biggest problem comes when his stock portfolio expands to include sponsorship of a boxer who may have additional talents in the personal protection category.

Fast-paced and fun, Lawn Boy cuts right to the heart of capitalism with a terrific blend of business savvy and youthful exuberance.

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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