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*Your Life... But Cooler* by Crystal Velasquez- young readers fantasy book review
Also by Crystal Velasquez

Your Life, but Better!

Your Life... But Cooler
by Crystal Velasquez
Grades 5-8 240 pages Delacorte May 2010 Paperback    

Crystal Velasquez is back with another interactive, choose your own outcome book. Your Life... But Cooler is about a middle-school student who has the chance to audition for a choir that might perform at Carnegie Hall. Will she do it?

Only you can decide what will happen by answering the mini-quizzes in the book. Where you go in the book is determined by how you answer the questions – yes, you’re brave enough to audition, or no, you’re going to hide from your friends and skip the audition.

Along the path to possible stardom, you face numerous questions that test your critical thinking skills, what career you are destined for, and how you handle a crush on a cute guy, to name just a few situations addressed in the quiz.

It may not be a scientific evaluation of your personality, but it really makes you consider different situations that you might find yourself in and prepare you for real life situations, such as “Your best friend just told you that she is moving away next month and is really upset. You tell her...” or “Your birthday is coming up and you want it to be really special. What are you hoping for?”

Your Life... But Cooler is a great adventure in self-discovery, as the mini-quizzes/personality tests show your strengths and weaknesses and how they may or may not help you get where you want to end up in the book. This is a book that can be read and re-read, each time with a different outcome.

Your Life... But Cooler is a great book for girls to read with their friends, each friend taking the quiz, comparing the personality analysis and the outcome for each response.
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