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*Little Eagle* by Chen Jiang Hong- young readers book review
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Little Eagle
by Chen Jiang Hong
Ages 9-12 36 pages Enchanted Lion Books September 2007 Hardcover    

Little Eagle is a beautiful story taking place in the 15th Century in China. It opens with a dramatic flare: the evil General Zhao attacks Little Eagle’s family, but Little Eagle is able to escape. Huddled against the cold and frightened, he is taken in by a kind man named Master Yang, who becomes the boy’s mentor and guardian.

Little Eagle grows to love his new life and emulate his mentor in every way – even when Master Yang is unaware of it. One day, however, Little Eagle is caught using the fighting style he has secretly been learning from his master. Though Master Yang is terribly upset by this, he also sees that his young protégé has potential. Master Yang is a master of a specialized form of Kung Fu called Eagle Boxing. This style is so revered that it is greedily sought after, and Master Yang has been trying to keep his knowledge a secret. But trouble comes to the Yang residence when General Zhao decides to take the knowledge by force. Together Little Eagle and Master Yang fight side by side and win the terrible battle on the hill. Sadly, though, the General has struck a fatal blow to Master Yang. Little Eagle is given the responsibility to covet the knowledge he has been given and to use it to do good during his lifetime.

Author and illustrator Chen Jiang Hong's breathtaking double-page illustrations are perfect for group reading situations – specifically for children aged between 7 and 13. His education in fine arts is certainly prevalent in this book. Chen resides in Paris, France and commits his skills as an author and illustrator to telling stories that revive the traditions of ancient China. Originally, Little Eagle was published in French as “Petit Aigle by l’ecole des loisirs” in 2003,and was recently released through Enchanted Lion Books in the English language. This 36-page hardcover is equipped with a protective slipcover and is a bargain at only $16.95 (US).

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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