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*Little Billy-Bob* by Pauline Oud>
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Little Billy-Bob
by Pauline Oud
Ages 1-2 24 pages Clavis October 2015 Hardcover    

As Little Billy-Bob goes about his day, he does all the things that toddlers do. He gets dressed, he plays with his toys, he visits a friend (a little girl named Fifi), he eats a healthy snack, he potty trains, then he bathes and falls asleep.

What make this book interactive are the author’s questions. On every page, she asks the reader something related to the illustration. “Do you have a sweet cuddly toy too?” or “What is little Billy-Bob doing?” The illustrations are easy to understand and help introduce new vocabulary to a toddler. Children can respond to the bath page by saying, “Billy-Bob is holding a rubber duck or a boat" or "He’s going into the bathtub”.

There are no outside scenes. All the backgrounds are solid colors in purple, yellow, green, pink, and blue. The two children in the book are from different ethnic backgrounds. Small details like the two-handle cup, the onesies with ears, and the two pictures of Billy-Bob is his diaper make this a suitable book for babies and toddlers.

Pair this book with Little Billy-Bob Gives Kisses for another story starring Little Billy-Bob and Fifi.

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