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*Thank You, Lucky Stars* by Beverly Donofrio- young readers book review
Thank You, Lucky Stars
by Beverly Donofrio
Ages 9-12 240 pages Schwartz & Wade January 2008 Hardcover    

Finally! Grade five! Ally is excited because now she can enter the Annual Fifth Grade Talent Show. Ally and her best friend, Betsy, have been thinking about their entry since kindergarten. They have also planned their outfits for the first day of school - purple and gold-striped leggings with a butterfly jersey. When Ally arrives at Betsy’s house, though, Ally is shocked to see what Betsy IS wearing and WHO she’s talking to! Within seconds, Ally’s excitement and plans for fifth grade fizzle.

Actually, everything about the first day of grade five goes badly for Ally. She’s shunned by her best friend, teased in public until she cries, and judged unfairly by her teacher. Lunchtime is the worst. While Ally is sitting alone at a table in the cafeteria, she is greeted by the unlikeliest of friends - or so she thinks.

Thank You, Lucky Stars demonstrates how the preconceived notions we have (or come to believe) can be completely inaccurate. They can hold us back from taking risks, from being ourselves, and from meeting new people. Ally learns this much later in the book when she finally meets the infamous Freddy Miller (who some people assume is her brother), and when she’s on stage the night of the talent show. Beverly Donofrio has written a book about friends growing apart and new friends finding one another. In this book, Ally discovers a true friendship involves loyalty, acceptance… and a little disco dancing.

Beverly Donofrio’s best selling book Riding in Cars with Boys was made into a movie starring Drew Barrymore. The author of the memoir Looking for Mary and the children’s book Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary, Donofrio has also written essays for anthologies and publications such as the New York Times, Marie Clair and Cosmopolitan.

Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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