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*Melonhead* by Katy Kelly, illustrated by Gillian Johnson- young readers fantasy book review
Also by Katy Kelly:

Lucy Rose: Busy Like You Can't Believe
by Katy Kelly, illustrated by Gillian Johnson
Ages 9-12 224 pages Delacorte March 2009 Hardcover    

This is the first book in a new series by Katy Kelly starring Adam Melon - nicknamed Melonhead - whom we met in Lucy Rose: Here’s the Thing About Me in the Lucy Rose series.

Melonhead’s last name is Melon, and his head is round. Melonhead is the name he prefers to be called - although not the one his mom likes for him. She wants them to call him by his given name, Adam, but it’s too late for that; everyone calls him Melonhead now. Once Lucy Rose invented “Melonhead”, it caught on so quickly that it stuck.

Melonhead loves to invent things. For all his ten years of being alive, he’s had some great ideas pop into his head. Occasionally, they even work. Lucky and Sam, who is his best friend, all live near each other on Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C. As an inventor but also an adventurer, the third description of Melonhead is the most used: trouble magnet. Without his ever meaning it to, trouble seems to follow him.

Melonhead and Sam are concentrating on the school inventing fair, gathering parts and working on plans. With all his heart, Adam (Melonhead) wants to win the contest and go on to regionals in Virginia. Adam has a great - though sometimes silly - sense of humor, and his interactions with adults are perfect fun for the target audience of ages 9-12.

Melonhead has won things before - like the essay contest on head lice where he won the Homework of the Week Award. Adam and Sam get into such good-hearted trouble that it entertains while it teaches and is the perfect opportunity for children to start reading chapter books, even for the reluctant reader.

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