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*Minerva Clark Gets a Clue* by Karen Karbo - young readers book review

Minerva Clark Gets a Clue
by Karen Karbo
ages 9-12 224 pp. Bloomsbury USA Children's Books September 2005 Hardcover    

“The worst day of my life began at the video arcade.” So begins Minerva’s transforming experience, although this modern day teen-aged heroine is unaware of what changes await her. Thirteen-year-old Minerva Clark is a “self-conscious, self-loathing, freak show freak”, forever under the supervision of whatever BIC (Brother-In-Charge) is left to watch her.

Dressed in her favorite too-big khaki pants and hooded Van’s sweatshirt, the unsuspecting Minerva visits a local bookstore, Under the Covers, with her cousin, Jordan. When Jordan is arrested on the way home, Minerva has no ideas what her cousin has been up to.

Not much later, lending herself as part of a science project, Minerva is all wired up when lightening strikes out of nowhere and she is electrocuted. This totally unexpected shock turns Minerva’s life around, her shy self-awareness suddenly a thing of the past. Infused with a new confidence, Minerva is fearless, no longer a shadow of the three older brothers who serve as surrogates since their parents’ divorce.

This newly empowered seventh-grader throws aside the usual teen angst and chronic self-evaluation, tapping into her inner Superwoman. The worst day of her life becomes a catalyst for change that is more than surface; the quirky teen takes some hard knocks but comes back with a healthy attitude.

The first order of business is Jordan’s arrest and Minerva wastes no time, diving into a mystery that involves identity theft, a complicated money scam, and a death. In easy teen-aged jargon laced with cyber-speak, Minerva is an innovative and interesting character, her wise-cracking reflective of the electronic age. Girls can readily identify with this spunky teen as she steps up to be counted and steps away from peer pressure and self-doubt. Move over, Nancy Drew. There’s a new girl in town.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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