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Mini Masters Boxed Set
by Julie Merberg & Suzanne Bober
ages 1-4 4 books/48 pages Chronicle Books October 2006 Board book    

Mini Masters by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober is a collection of four board books targeted toward children one to four years of age. The collection features reproductions of the works of four great artists – Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Degas. Each board book is united by a specific theme, and the authors have made an obvious effort to chose works that come together to tell a story.

The first board book, Magical Day with Matisse, is quite an eclectic collection, featuring Music, Goldfish, Harmony in Red and others. A Picnic with Monet features Monet’s famous Poppies and Water Lillies Series besides The Lunch, Woman in the Garden, Waterloo Bride, Hazy Sun, and other impressionist paintings capturing a relaxed and expansive time both in human life and nature.

The other two board books, Dancing with Degas and In the Garden with Van Gogh, pair rhyming summaries of Degas’ fabulous chronicles of human life in motion (more specifically his paintings of dancers and musicians at work) and Van Gogh’s individualistic and stylistic art conjoined to the theme of the farming life and the cycle of growth and degeneration.

The breadth of this collection is quite simply its distinguishing feature. In one swoop, little ones can be introduced to a variety of original and creative pieces of art besides being tutored about the finer nuances setting each artist apart. Mini Masters is an economical and fascinating gift for little art lovers.

Children's board book reviews for babies and toddlers

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