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*Nim's Island* by Wendy Orr, illustrated by Kerry Millard- young readers book review
Nim's Island
by Wendy Orr, illustrated by Kerry Millard
Ages 9-12 128 pages Yearling February 2008 Paperback    

Nim and her father, Jack, live on an island in the middle of the ocean. No one knows where the island is located except for a select few who deliver their supplies, and this suits Nim and Jack just fine. Jack is a scientist and can submit all of his articles and research via the computer. They grow most of their own food and build and create many of their own supplies from what they can find on the island. Nim isn’t bored or lonely—she shares the island with a multitude of friendly animals, including a sea lion she has named Selkie, an iguana named Fred, and a sea turtle named Chica.

When Jack leaves on a two-day expedition to search for plankton, Nim is left to handle things on the island on her own. This isn’t a huge problem; Jack has promised to phone home each evening on his satellite phone. But there is a giant storm, and Nim can’t get in touch with Jack for a little while. She begins to communicate via e-mail with Alex Rover, the famous adventure author. When Nim is injured, Alex decides to head for the island to help her out. Will she make it in time?

Nim's Island is an exciting adventure that children will thoroughly enjoy. The pen and ink illustrations add the perfect touch to the story and help readers visualize the action and the characters. Although Nim's Island has been made into a movie (which kids will find delightful as well), the book's many outstanding features make it a treat in its own right.

Although there are a fair number of perilous events, the author is careful to keep the tension defused and let the reader know that the characters are all right. Jack finds a way to keep in contact with Nim, and when it seems the island is threatened to be “invaded” by a tourist group, Nim and Alex come up with a brilliant plan to keep them away.

This book makes a great read-aloud family story that everyone will find entertaining and engrossing. Even my husband wanted me to wait until he could listen when I was reading it here in our home. Nim's Island comes with the highest recommendation.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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