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*Pandora Gets Jealous (Mythic Miss-Adventures)* by Carolyn Hennesy- young readers book review
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Pandora Gets Vain
Pandora Gets Jealous (Mythic Miss-Adventures)
by Carolyn Hennesy
Ages 9-12 272 pages Bloomsbury USA December 2007 Hardcover    

This youthful take on the popular Greek legend of Pandora’s box will appeal to fans of enjoy mythology and classic tales. Author Carolyn Hennesy shows the truth of humanity in all its need for revenge, its beauty, clumsiness, jealousy, pettiness and gentleness. One might find this shocking for this genre, but honesty is gaining in popularity when it comes to childrearing these days; today’s parents want their children to be prepared for the reality of life.

Pandora Gets Jealous shows readers that although we might make horrendous mistakes, we can make amends for them and become a better person for it. These issues in life can reveal new aspects of those around us, sometimes bringing us closer to them. In Pandora Gets Jealous, we also see some characters taking risks in selflessly helping those who are suffering with a heavy load.

The ethics, morality and hidden lessons in the book may help readers develop better interpersonal relationships. The fast-moving, page-turning plot encourages literacy in middle-schoolers while providing entertaining education on Greek legends and myths. Educators and parents might be pleased to know that there are also 11 pages of glossary covering Greek mythologies and legends.

In this tale, Pandora is expected to do something extraordinary for the new class project, and the pressure is getting to her. She decides to break a family rule and bring a magic box to school, but Pandora ends up caving in to taunting by some classroom bullies and lets the box fall into the wrong hands. Chaos ensues, and Pandora is put to the task of making things right.

Pandora Gets Jealous is part of the Mythic Miss-Adventures series, the debut children’s novel for the author, Carolyn Hennesy. She is, however, far from new to the world of entertainment – she has had over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry as a full-time actor and improvisational comedy instructor.

Pandora Gets Jealous is available in hardcover (the paperback is due to be released Winter '09) and is roughly 256 pages in length with medium sized print – perfect for its intended audience, youth aged 9-12 or grades 4-7. Environmentalists will find it interesting that the publisher, Bloomsbury Children’s Books, guarantees the use of recyclable products harvested from well-managed forests. As such, I highly recommend this book.
Young readers book reviews for ages 8 to 12 years old

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