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*Princess DisGrace: A Royal Disaster* by Lou Kuenzler - middle grades book review
Princess DisGrace: A Royal Disaster
by Lou Kuenzler
Ages 8-12 240 pages Random House June 2016 Hardcover    

Grace wants to be the best princess she can be, so she shows up unannounced at the Tall Towers Princess Academy. When the other 12 princesses see her in her yak-hair coat, they decide she doesn’t belong. The fairy godmother teachers don’t think so, either, until they see her pass the unicorn test. But instead of welcoming her, they make fun of her and the unicorn that chooses her. “What is that thing?” It looks like it’s come through a bush backward.”

Grace’s cousin Precious is the meanest to her throughout the story. She calls her a total disaster and a royal dis-grace. When she is chosen to be Golden Princess at the Grand Winter Tournament, Precious causes her to fumble the curtsy she’s been practicing for weeks.

While at princess school, Grace is taught how to look like a princess. They tame her long braided hair and put her in a fancy dress. But being a princess means more than coming from a royal family and having money like the other princesses. Grace’s behavior while at school exemplifies how a princess should behave, and she didn’t need to be taught that. She proves she’s courageous when she helps a knight win at jousting, and she is kind toward her classmates and teachers. This earns her loyal, true friends. And she doesn’t let a challenge get the best of her. She keeps practicing the skills she cannot get. She doesn’t give up or get angry.

Many characters in this book say and do cruel things, but the humor in the story and the cartoonist illustrations take the sting out of most of it. Readers who are ready for longer chapter books about girls who are not perfect should find this story entertaining. The follow-up is entitled The Dragon Dance
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