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*The Rain of the Ghosts* by Greg Weisman - middle grades book review
The Rain of the Ghosts
by Greg Weisman
Grades 5-8 240 pages St. Martin's Griffin December 2013 Paperback    

The Ghost Keys: Rain's home and a draw for tourists who love the warmth and beauty of tropical islands. The unusual location of these islands has lent them an edgy, mystical quality that can only be associated with such mysterious locales as the Bermuda Triangle. However, a mere child's creative notion becomes a reality in Rain's life when her grandfather bestows upon her a family heirloom that enables Rain to see ghosts.

Upon his death, Rain's grandfather Sebastian leaves her with a complex otherworldly situation involving the Dark Man. Unbeknownst to Rain and her friends, there exists in the islands an unrest in the mystical planes of reality. Layers of mystery connect with tales of life, adventure and death in intricately woven existences. When Rain and her heirloom armband capture the attention of an unscrupulous fellow, danger and intrigue begin a steady unravelling of clues and truths that bring Rain and her now ghostly grandfather into a dual mission of survival and final peace unlike anything she has ever experienced. Will she make it out of the treacherous adventure alive, or will Rain be lost to the spirit world like her grandfather?

Author Greg Weissman is known for numerous comic book and animated series. He has been Emmy-nominated for many of his works, highlighting his multiple talents in entertainment and artistic expression tailored to reaching children and young adults. In Rain of the Ghosts, Greg Weisman incorporates a youthful frame of mind in the characters and their evolving maturity as they face unusual challenges. The somewhat elevated sophistication of the young characters mixed with a little goofiness in the puzzle they face is a little reminiscent of Nancy Drew and the Scooby Doo gang. Young teens will definitely find the unique plot an enjoyable diversion.
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